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There are several great books about the Siberian Husky. We advise future Husky owners to properly document themselves before buying a dog. Therefore, here are a few important things to know before acquiring a Husky.



The Siberian Husky is a majestic dog with mysterious ways, combining the elegance of its figure and an expression of quiet power. It has a smart and striking look. It is proud and courageous. It is noble and reserved, but very affectionate and loyal to its master. It is an energetic and playful dog.



Huskies have been primarily selected by nomadic tribes to pull Chukchi sleds, so it is natural for this dog to be attracted to the great outdoors. It’s a great runner and is suitable for very cold climates. It likes to explore, climb and can jump very high. It also likes to dig holes to lie down in a cool place, or to fill his boredom. Huskies need to exercise absolutely must be bridged in order to make it an agreeable companion, happy and well balanced. It does not bark much, but likes howling like a wolf.



It has two periods of exceptional molts in the spring and fall, in which it will lose tons of hair. Its hair does not require much maintenance the rest of the year.



The Siberian can not live by repressing its energy, it needs alot of exercice. It can be a good hunter, so it must be socialized to little animals from an early age (like cats) to learn to be friendly with them. 



The Husky's owners must demonstrate leadership, confidence and consistency with their dog to let it know its place in the hierarchy of its new family, its pack.



It loves to pull hard but it can learn the difference between the harness that allows it to pull a sled and its leash attached to its collar, which calls for heeling. For a Husky, pulling a sled is almost innate and it will learn very quickly, especially if it is accompanied by an experienced dog.

Il a deux périodes de mues exceptionnelles, au printemps et à l'automne, ou il perdra des tonnes de poils. Son poil ne demande par contre, pas trop d'entretient le reste de l'année.Le Sibérien n'est pas un chien d'appartement et ne peut pas vivre privé d'exercice en refoulant son énergie. Il peut être un bon chasseur, c'est pourquoi il devra être socialisé aux espèces amies dès son plus jeune âge (par exemple les chats)


Le Husky est un chien de meute, ses maîtres devront faire preuve de leadership, d'assurance et de constance avec lui afin de lui faire connaître sa place dans la hiérarchie de sa nouvelle famille, sa meute. Il aime beaucoup tirer mais peut apprendre à faire la différence entre le harnais qui lui permet de tirer un traîneau et la laisse attachée à son collier, qui invite à la marche au pied. La tire de traîneau est presque innée pour lui, il apprendra très vite, d'autant plus si il est accompagné de chiens expérimentés.

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